Photo credit: Mirella Silluzio

Daura Campos


Daura Campos is a Brasilian self-taught, multidisciplinary artist based in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Merging photography, painting, moving-image, sculpture, and performance, I create work that honors the experiences of sexual and gender minorities.

Daura is a 2022 The Alternative Art School and FORGE fellow, she was a convener at the 2021 Hemi Convergence by the New York University (NYU) and the University of Chicago (UChicago).

Daura has exhibited her photographic work in the Analog Film Photography Association, Orlando, FL (2022), Gallery 44, Toronto, ON (2022), Experimental Photo Festival, Barcelona, ES (2021), and others. It was also displayed on billboards in Times Square, NY (2021), Los Angeles, CA (2021), Chicago, IL (2021), and Toronto, ON (2021).

Her moving-image work was screened in South and North America at the Museum of Art of Pereira, Pereira, Colombia (2021), the Avant Garde Cultural Center, Bogotá, Colombia (2021), at the No Nation Art Lab, Chicago, IL (2021), and others.

Daura Campos


Daura Campos é uma artista Brasileira, autodidata, multidisciplinar habitante de Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Por meio da fotografia, pintura, escultura, instalação, performance e do cinema, ela interpreta nossa realidade distópica ao mesmo tempo que cria uma utopia.

Daura é uma 2022 The Alternative Art School e FORGE fellow, ela foi uma convener na 2021 Hemi Convergence do Universidade de Nova Iorque (NYU) e da Universidade de Chicago (UChicago).

Daura expôs seu trabalho fotográfico na Analog Film Photography Association, Orlando, FL (2022), Gallery 44, Toronto, ON (2022), Experimental Photo Festival, Barcelona, ES (2021), entre outros. Ele também foi exposto em outdoors na Times Square, NY (2021), Los Angeles, CA (2021), Chicago, IL (2021), e Toronto, ON (2021).

Seu trabalho cinematográfico foi exibido na América do Sul e do Norte no Museu de Arte de Pereira, Pereira, Colombia (2021), no Avant Garde Cultural Center, Bogotá, Colombia (2021), no No Nation Art Lab, Chicago, IL (2021), entre outros


2022         In Flux (two-person exhibition with Grace Wang), Gallery 44, Toronto, ON (Jun. 3rd – Jul. 9th)

2021         Secret Visibility (solo exhibition), Angelica Kauffman Gallery, Chicago, USA (Nov. 18th – Dec. 7th)


2022         Photorama, Gallery TPW, Toronto, ON (Nov. 17th – Dec. 3rd)

2022         Limiares Utópicos, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, BRA (Nov. 7th – 18th)

2022         I Used to Think… Then I Thought, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK (Sep. 14th – 29th)

2022         New Visions, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Online Exhibition (Sep. 5th opening)

2022         Share, Tag or Dye, Atelierele Malmaison, Bucharest, Romania (Sep. 3rd – 24th)

2022         Annual Analog Film Photography Exhibit, Analog Film Photography Association, Miami, USA (Aug. 5th – 25th)

2022         Confined, The House of Smalls, Cotswolds, UK (May 15th – Jun. 12th)

2022         Impart, Cultivate, Online Exhibition (Mar. 15 opening)

2022         Antiplatô, Secretaria Especial da Cultura, Online Exhibition (Jan. 26th opening)

2022         (Im)Material, Curating Futures, Online Exhibition  (Jan. 15th opening)

2021          Revisiting the Avant-Garde, Geis Gallery, Lakewood, USA (Dec. 23rd – Jan. 3rd)

2021          Starting Space, The Photo's Edge, Online Exhibition (Nov. 27th opening)

2021          Remote Possibility, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, ON (Nov. 15th – Jan. 15th)

2021          Photo for Non-Majors, Humble Arts Foundation, Online Exhibition (Set. 30th opening)

2021          Risk, Roundtable Residency, Online Exhibition (Oct. 8th opening)

2021          The Space In Between, the space in between gallery, Online Exhibition (Aug. 16th opening)

2021          Evanescence, Experimental Photo Festival, Online Exhibition (Jul. 21st – 25th)

2021          Exploration/Emergence, Static Arts Collective, Online Exhibition (Jul. 18th opening)

2021          Duality, Doré Art Collective, Online Exhibition (Jul. 14th – Aug. 4th)

2021          Narrativas Autobiográficas, Rede Quem, Online Exhibition (Jul. 1st opening)

2021          Windows to Paradise, Make Room, Online Exhibition (Jun. 28th opening)

2021          Spring, Visual Space, Online Exhibition (May 17th – Jun. 28th)


2021          El Último Humano Será Solo Recuerdos, Avant Garde Cultural Center, Bogotá, Colombia (Sep. 23rd – 25th)

2021          El Último Humano Será Solo Recuerdos, Casa 3B, Oaxaca, Mexico (Oct. 31st – Nov. 1st)

2021          El Último Humano Será Solo Recuerdos, Museum of Art of Pereira, Pereira, Colombia (Nov. 17th – 18th)

2021          El Último Humano Será Solo Recuerdos, No Nation Art Lab, Chicago, USA (Nov. 18th)


2021          What the Luck, Remote Gallery, Toronto, ON (Jun. 28th – Aug. 8th), Billboard Exhibition

2021          What the Luck, Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto, ON (Jun. 28th – Aug. 8th), Billboard Exhibition

2021          What the Luck, Drawstring, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, USA (Jun. 8th – 10th), Billboard Exhibition


2022         Tour de Moon Visual Arts Grant

2022         Adolescent January Photography Grant

2022         The Robert McLaughlin Gallery Grant for In Flux (duel artist show with  Grace Wang)

2022         Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant for In Flux (duel artist show with Grace Wang)

2021          CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #13

2021          Adolescent October Filmmaking Grant

2021          Hemi Convergence Convener for the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics of the New York University in partnership with the University of Chicago

2021          Narrativas Autobiográficas Honorable Mention

2021          Adolescent March Photography Grant


2022        The Alternative Art School Brandy's Juried Fellowship

2022        FORGE Fellowship

2021        The Heather B. Mattera Opportunity Scholarship (strudelmediaLive)

2020         BIPOC Photography Mentorship


2022          Dear Artists With Anxiety (DAWA) Virtual Residency

2021          Roundtable Remote Residency


2022         "Tranquility", Renouveau Media, Issue #3, online issue, Jun. 29th

2022         the self-determination issue, little living room, Issue #5, May 23rd, Edinburgh, Scotland

2022         "Dwell Time Special COVID-19 Edition." Dwell Time Press, online issue, Mar. 15th

2022         "Satellite Colony." Tour de Moon, Issue #5, Feb. 16th, London, UK

2022         "Experienced." The Uncoiled Magazine, Issue #2, online issue, Feb. 6th

2022         "(Im)Material." Curating Futures, Issue #1, online issue, Jan. 15th

2022         "No. 6." Aeonian Magazine, Issue #6, online issue, Jan. 9th

2021         "Emerging." Doré Art Collective, Issue #1, online issue, Oct. 2nd

2021         "Deep Fried Film." Jumbo Shrimp Press, Issue #2, Oct. 8th, New Jersey, USA

2021         "Connection." Pace Magazine, Issue #8, Oct. 10th, Ottawa, ON

2021         Hopping the Fence Podcast, Ep. #18, Sep. 24th, Hamilton, ON

2021         "Handshake." Drawstring Magazine, Issue #13, online issue, Jun. 26

2021         The Soon Project, online issue,  Feb. 3rd

2021         Human Wonder Magazine, online issue, Jan. 20th

2020         Afinidades Magazine, Issue #1, online issue, Sep. 17th

2020         "Chosen Family.", Container Love, online issue,  Nov. 20th

2020         Ashamed Magazine, online issue, Jul. 2nd

2020         Curated by Girls, online issue, Jun. 1st


2022         "soft core", Published by Rebecca Orr, UK, Oct. 30th


2022    In Flux: Artist Talk & Film Soup Workshop, Gallery 44, Online Event (Jun. 25th)

2021    Film Photography 101, Adolescent, Online Workshop (Oct. 25th)

2020    WOPHA With: Foto Féminas, Hundred Heroines and Foto Femme United, Panel Discussion (Sep. 4th)


2021    Present, Nefarious Contemporary, Baltimore, USA (Jun. 17th)


Portuguese (Native Speaker)

English (Fluent – C2 Proficiency: Cambridge English)

French (A2)