Antiplatô makes use of performance and photography in the public space of Belo Horizonte to ponder about the concepts of reification, bodies without organs and proxemics through a group of five people entangled by a long fabric mask that unites them into a single large body-object.

Project Conception: Daniel Bretas
Photography (Pictured): Daura Campos
Video: Gabriel Almeida
Art Direction: Maria Clara Zica
Movement Direction: Natália Barros
Performance: Ariane Maria, Marcia Gonçalves, Maxmiller junio, Natália Barros, Sílvia Maia
Costume Design and Styling: Isabela Fadda, Isaque Gandra
Writing: Paula Coraline
Design: Daniel Bretas, Maria Clara Zica
Virtual Exhibition Design: Rodrigo Machena

The artists acknowledge the support of the Brazilian Federal Government, Minas Gerais State Government, Secretary of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Super Camera Film Laboratory.