El Último Humano Será Solo Recuerdos


El Último Humano Será Solo Recuerdos takes as inspiration the text fragment "The last human will be only memories" by Fernando González, a Colombian writer. It is an audiovisual piece that brings together the photographic and video works of 37 national (Colombia) and international artists, all of alternative and experimental practices.

This project revolves around memory, and the questions: How do historical memory and individual memory converge? How is experimental photography interpreted under the concept of memory? What remains in time? How do these images affect our perception of reality? And how do we create reality through these experimental setups?

This collaboratory piece was created through Isla Colectivo, a Colombian collective that carries out itinerant audiovisual projections to promote the dissemination of photographers, artists, and observers from different latitudes, generating a network without borders.

The primary focus of Isla's screenings is to forge more spaces and content where photography and the production of audiovisual material are not governed by the standards of the world of immediacy in which we are now. But to generate awareness of the works we create, display and consume.

Photography: Agustina Losada Anabel Campetti Clara Rodriguez Colectivo Nrollaos Daniela Eliana Flores Daniela León Daura Campos Evi Kiagia Fernando Colman Flora Fanzutti Gaspard Comte Glinth Jazmín Rivero Josefina Bonavia Juan Jose Rodriguez Juan Pablo Zapata Karol Pico Lena Storjohann Maria Camila Laverde Maria Isabel Moncada Cardona Mila Nijinsky Oscar Chávez Báez Oscar Julián Bravo Torres Patrick Slaughter Pedro Uribe Rosalie Anderson Sol Molina Tania Valarezo Valentina González Henao Viere Vivian Campos

Video: Alejandra León Camila Valencia Jonnathan Cataño Aponte Julian Cardenas Matias Cantella Nicolás Pinzón Nicolás Pinzón

Music: David Pinilla