Once Upon a Pink Moon

2022 – Present

Dissident bodies survive in a society that dehumanizes them. To escape these circumstances, we dream of new realities.

Due to the pandemic, our relationship with what we call "home" has been accentuated, leading me to question its dubious relationship with the idea of safety: Some people encounter violence in the home, others can only express themselves freely in it.

Metaphorically, the pink moon is uncharted terrain, a new world. In astronomy, it marks the beginning of spring, a time of transition and bloom. Regardless, the pink moon represents Change.

The photographs of this project are of the walls of my home. They were created with 35mm film that was corroded by different spices used in Brazilian recipes. What emerges from these walls are amorphous bodies and dreamlike, multicolored and abstract landscapes, a new world derived from their own degradation, under shades of pink.