Secret Visibility


Henry Fox Talbot defined photography as "writing in light." Unlike painting, where brush strokes translate subjects into images, photography directs itself. Photographers, unlike other artists, were designated to mimic reality. However, I would like to explore photography free to express itself through abstraction.

This project aims to challenge traditional art-making techniques and hegemonic belief structures as they relate to gender and sexuality. I photograph mainly domestic spaces on 35mm film, which gets soaked in different site-specific ingredients, is dried, and processed. This culminates in a series of painterly, abstract images in a bruise color palette to highlight domestic violence.

Domestic spaces have been canonically both safe and violent for dissident people. Social distancing has accentuated this relationship. For some, home is the site of violent experiences, while others can only express themselves freely away from the public eye and potential violence. How liberating can a space be if it is the only one where you can exist without fear?